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Thank you for choosing to share your writing skills with the Dallas Doing Good team!

We are dedicated to sharing stories about how people who live in Dallas are giving back and doing good. These accounts of long-term devotion to a cause are intended to inspire north Texans to find their own way to make a meaningful change for good. While our team of contributors each has a unique voice, we strive to present a consistent brand and style that Dallas Doing Good readers look forward to each week. Below you’ll find some guidelines, as well as some suggested questions to use during interviews.


  • Each piece should be 550-2000 words.

  • The focus of your story should be the person(s) and the long-term impact they are making.

  • The story subject should be a resident of the D/FW area, but their work can take place anywhere in the world.

  • The story should focus less on the organization and/or event, and focus more on personal work, leadership, innovation, and motivation.

  • We prefer to interview subjects in person, but a phone interview is acceptable.

  • Q&A interviews may be submitted to the subject via email.

  • Final stories should be submitted to mary@dallasdoinggood.com in a Google Doc.


  • Avoid passive voice if possible.

  • Always use an oxford comma.

  • Refer to subjects by their first name after introducing their full name. Exceptions include doctors and other formal titles.

  • Avoid using first-person pronouns if possible.

  • Spell out numbers under 10.

Sample questions

  • What do you love about Dallas?

  • Who inspired you to give back/volunteer?

  • How can people get involved or donate?

  • Do you volunteer anywhere else in the city?

  • Ask about family, education, background.

  • How much time do you spend volunteering/working for this organization?

  • What inspires/motivates you about the people/program you serve?

  • What are the greatest challenges you face in your role? What are the biggest successes you’ve had?