Volunteer at Mercy Street

Mercy Street exists to be used by God to spark Christ-honoring community restoration by engaging in mutually-transforming relationships with the future leaders of West Dallas and beyond.

Mercy Street offers four different programs to engage West Dallas students, which are Mentoring,
Sports, the Leadership Institute, and the Bike Shop. Here are some ways you can be involved!

  • Become a mentor. We match Christian mentors with the students of West Dallas and, more recently, Northeast Dallas. The minimum commitment for mentoring is two years and our hope is for a mentor to walk with a child for a lifetime. To learn more about the steps of becoming a mentor, please visit mercystreetdallas.org/become-a- mentor.
  • Coach a sports team. We have opportunities available for coaching soccer, baseball, and softball for ages 4-18 in both the fall and spring season. Your role as a coach would be to teach the fundamentals of the sport while using it as a tool to share the Gospel, teach various life skills, and instill Christian values. To learn more about coaching, please visit mercystreetdallas.org/coaching.
  • Get involved with high school students through the Leadership Institute. We have opportunities to lead a Street Team (weekly small group of students), host an elective (a class for special skills training or other engaging topics), and participate in the summer internship (available to college students only). To learn more about the Leadership Institute, please visit mercystreetdallas.org/leadership-institute.
  • Volunteer at the Bike Shop. We welcome volunteers with experience working on bikes to help out as needed. We also welcome bike donations. To learn more about the Bike Shop, please visit mercystreetdallas.org/bike-shop.
  • Donate! We would not be able to serve the students of West Dallas and beyond without the generosity of many donors, both large and small. To donate, please visit mercystreetdallas.org/donate.
Mary Martin