Volunteer at LatterHouse Decor

LatterHouse Decor is looking for volunteers to help during design installations, as well as volunteers to help gather furniture and decor for each project. Volunteers will work with founder, Shalonda Waggoner, and the LatterHouse Decor interior decorator to set up furniture and decor for women who are moving into a new home after experiencing domestic abuse.

LatterHouse Decor works directly with Denton County Friends of the Family, who determines the timing of each installation.

If you would like to volunteer your time or be added to an email list for needed donations, please fill out the LatterHouse Decor contact form. You can also donate directly to the cause for future furniture purchases.

The LatterHouse team is currently in need of a storage space for donated items. Please email Shalonda Waggoner at latterhousedecor@gmail.com if you can help in this way.

Mary Martin