Rosa Es Rojo

Share about your mission and how your organization is making a difference in Dallas.

Our mission is to make wellness and cancer prevention accessible for the Hispanic women North Texas by training them on the topics of nutrition, physical activity, emotional health and positive thinking. This has been possible thanks to our community wellness program, "The Rojo Way", shared in Spanish, using culturally relevant content.

Big cancer awareness organizations are anchors for wellness, but because of cultural barriers, Rosa Es Rojo is filling the gap for what is missing, offering an effective solution for Hispanics, breaking the pathology of unhealthy lifestyles, which can reduce cancer.

No other wellness program is reaching the Latino community, in Spanish, using culturally relevant content.

As of today, 640+ Hispanic women has been directly impacted, touching the lives of at least 3,200+ community members. This is equivalent to 6,000+ wellness education hours delivered in the community in North Texas.

Thanks to Rosa Es Rojo, Latinas in North Texas are choosing healthier food options and are improving mental and emotional wellbeing even in the face of adversity. Our ripple effect is encouraging the Latino community and also you to SUPERVIVE, which to us means being Healthy, Happy and Resilient.

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How is your cause celebrating North Texas Giving Day?

We are celebrating this important day by inviting our community to give back! Our objective for NTxGD campaign is to raise at least $12,000 to deliver our program in high Hispanic concentrated areas as West Dallas in with partnership with Wesley Rankin and in West McKinney in partnership with Hope Clinic and Community Health Clinic. Thanks to the contributions from NTxGD, we will deliver 800 wellness and cancer prevention training hours, impacting directly 40 Hispanic women and 160 community members indirectly.

Have you participated in North Texas Giving Day in past years? What was your experience?

This is our first year participating.

Other than a donation, how can individuals and groups support your cause?

They can volunteer with us and help us to spread the word about our mission! Please send an email to Laura Mendivil, Development Director -

What are some of your other favorite causes in North Texas?

Wesley Rankin, Hope Clinic of McKinney, Bachman Lake Together, Cancer Care Services, Catholic Pro-life Community Dallas

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