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The Art of Freedom

FLITE's Art of Freedom will be held on November 9, 2019 at the Lawley Art Gallery on Dragon Street in the Dallas design district. It will feature amazing works from artists of all ages and spotlight aspiring musicians from the Dallas area. This year, we will place an emphasis on our artists and their work . Many will be on-site to share their work and passion. The art will be for sale, with proceeds going to our non-profit projects.

What is FLITE to Freedom?

FLITE to Freedom is a charitable and collaborative organization that bridges the gifts and inspirational power of artistic expression to empower those seeking freedom from physical and emotional oppression. 


FLITE’s mission is three-fold

  • Identify and gather the “butterflies” of artists to showcase their talents in the community;

  • Use art as the medium to reach and empower enslaved, unfairly encumbered, or socially excluded people; and,

  • Raise awareness, expand knowledge, and evoke action for FLITE’s programs via fundraising efforts